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Jonathan Rosenberg, Esq., is a top New York criminal defense lawyer and appellate advocate with offices in downtown Brooklyn and Midtown Manhattan. Recognized as a Top 100 Criminal Defense Attorney by the Association of American Trial Attorneys, Rosenberg manages his own law firm while working closely with Brooklyn's very own Howard Greenberg on trial matters across the state. 

Rosenberg’s office provides aggressive, determined, and responsive representation to clients across all counties throughout the state of New York, from the time of arrest to the time of dismissal, plea, or trial. An accomplished trial lawyer with a background in post-judgment appellate law, Rosenberg’s office is committed to finding every hole in the government’s case and maximizing the chances of winning on the odds. If you can find a lawyer who fights harder for their clients, you should hire them. In the meantime, call Jonathan directly at (718) 715-4845.

Needless to say, Rosenberg will handle your case with the same fearlessness and compassion as if it were a family member’s life on trial. When you hire this law office, you get our time, commitment, and the full force of our advocacy. Outside the courtroom, Rosenberg’s office focuses on providing innovative and favorable results for clients on both criminal and civil appeals. We offer highly tailored appellate services in both Federal and State court.

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We handle all felony and misdemeanor criminal charges, from the time of investigation, arrest, and arraignment, to the time of dismissal, plea, or trial. Whether you or a loved one is arrested, or roped in on a conspiracy charge, we’re ready to fight the government’s accusations, including charges allegations involving drugs, guns, sex crimes, homicide, larceny, arson, assault, dwi/dui, driving while intoxicated by drugs, and even traffic violations. As Jonathan Rosenberg and Howard Greenberg say, “There is no such thing as a dead case…” Any criminal case can be won with the right strategy, the right fearlessness, and the right frame of mind.

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When the trial courts get it wrong, you need a skilled appellate law firm to thoughtfully show the higher court judges why you deserve a better outcome. No one likes an unjust result, least of all appellate lawyers. Our attorneys carefully listen to your grievances, research the appropriate legal standards, and compile the strongest arguments in order to tell a compelling, truthful story, that sheds a bright light on the injustices arising out of your case. Whether the victim of a wayward family court ruling or a wrongful conviction, we’re ready to fight for your story on appeal.

“Rosenberg got my cased fully dismissed the day of trial. He got the prosecution to admit that my ex was lying, and they even said so on the record. Case over thanks to an amazing lawyer who stood up for me the entire time. Would recommend him highly!”

— Dimitri K.

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