"To open blind eyes, to bring prisoners out of a dungeon, those who sit in darkness out of a prison."
- Isaiah 42

A Powerful Criminal Law Practice With A Focus On Appeals

Rosenberg Law Firm stands out from the crowd among New York defense firms on the basis of a long history of success in federal and state appeals, as well as our stout representation in initial criminal defense of serious felonies.

Our focus on criminal appeals — grounded in a faith-based ethos and a strong work ethic — has yielded important victories for clients who entrusted our well-prepared legal professionals with overturning unjust convictions or unwarranted sentences. Based in Brooklyn, we take cases throughout New York City and beyond.

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When Your Freedom Is At Stake, Consider The Track Record Of Rosenberg Law Firm

The bulk of our practice is concentrated in the niche arena of federal criminal appeals and state criminal appeals, along with other post-conviction relief. Our lawyers have successfully intervened on behalf of people who were tried and sentenced for serious felonies, from murder, hate crimes and other crimes of violence to human trafficking, drug trafficking and white collar crimes, among many other offenses.

Our lengthy and impressive track record of results includes reversals of convictions, full dismissals of federal indictments, significant sentence reductions, trial acquittals, emergency stays and other remedies that restored our clients’ freedom or prevented a miscarriage of justice. We operate at every level of the justice system, including federal grand juries, the state Supreme Courts (trial courts) and Appellate Division (appeals courts) of New York, the New York Court of Appeals (the high court), and the Second Circuit of the U.S Circuit Court of Appeals (federal appeals).

While our firm is chiefly known for criminal appellate practice, our attorneys also handle civil appeals and criminal defense (both federal prosecutions and state criminal charges), which are also reflected in our record of results.

Working As One Team To Develop A Unifying Strategy

The hallmark of Rosenberg Law Firm — and what differentiates us — is our team approach to appellate advocacy. All of our attorneys collaborate on the strategy and execution of an appeal. There may be lead attorneys on the case, but each member of the team contributes to legal research, drafting motions, writing appellate briefs, preparing oral arguments and fine-tuning both the details and the overarching narrative. It’s the key to our consistent success in fighting the uphill battle of criminal appeals.

Our award-winning appellate and defense lawyers have earned a reputation for skilled, effective brief writing in support of our clients’ freedom and their future. We welcome the opportunity to review your case and begin strategizing on how it would likely fare in an appeal, a 440 motion to vacate, or other post-judgment relief.

Fearless And Resourceful Advocacy

The team at Rosenberg Law Firm is fully committed to protecting individuals’ constitutional rights at every phase of criminal law proceedings. We often say that the enemy of advocacy is fear. With this foundational belief, we approach every defense or appeal with confidence and zeal. In so doing, we inspire our clients’ trust, a most valuable commodity in attorney-client relationships

If we defend you in your initial criminal case, we will lay the groundwork at every turn for a possible appeal if it should become necessary. If another defense lawyer represented you first, we will build on the strengths of that defense while finding avenues for appeal or judicial relief.

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