"To open blind eyes, to bring prisoners out of a dungeon, those who sit in darkness out of a prison."
- Isaiah 42

Vigorous Defense Of The Accused In Federal And White Collar Criminal Cases

Rosenberg Law Firm provides you with the experience, dedication and creativity you need to successfully fight your federal criminal defense case, whether by dismissal, plea, or jury trial. Above all, we focus on a team-driven approach to federal advocacy, ensuring that our adversaries are equally matched inside and outside the courtroom.

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Meet Our Bold, Effective Defense Team

Rosenberg Law Firm is led by Managing Partner Jonathan Rosenberg, who oversees a talented legal team of aggressive, fearless and dedicated advocates, dedicated to achieving a favorable outcome for your criminal case.

We bring a team-driven approach to advocating for your case to achieve a favorable result. Our legal team has won thousands of dismissals and jury acquittals in both state and federal proceedings over 50 years of combined experience.

When you’re up against the government, you need a defense that you can trust. Rosenberg Law Firm offers clients full-service, white-glove representation in federal prosecutions across the four district courts and beyond. When your life, livelihood, and liberty are on the line, you need a responsive, intelligent, experienced, and creative legal team to aggressively dispose of your case, and ensure that you avoid excessive financial and reputational loss.

Fear Is The Enemy Of Advocacy. Let Us Alleviate Your Fear.

When faced with a federal prosecution, it is common to feel fear, depression, and a sense of impending loss — all emotions that are based on the false belief that the federal government always wins. This is not true.

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The Feds frequently lose cases because they engage in overzealous prosecutions that demand dismissal, reduced charges or jury acquittals in deliberation of a just outcome.

Even if an individual committed a crime or wrongdoing, there is no reason to believe that the government must win the case, especially where the charges are overly aggressive, based on constitutional violations, or prosecutorial misconduct.

We find that judges and juries will even set “guilty” people free when confronted with the reality that the prosecutor is lying, misleading the public, or engaging in a dishonest or harsh hit job on the defendant that does not justify the charge(s). The public does not have tolerance for federal bullying when they know that the defendant has an honest defense and a team of attorneys dedicated to the defendant’s cause and case.

Nonetheless, federal cases require a skilled trial team to handle both the motion practice and courtroom litigation, whether the defendant enters a plea in favor of leniency at sentencing or seeks vindication through the American trial process. Just like the Feds, defendants must work with a team of advocates who are unified by a common strategy.

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A Team-Driven Approach To Federal Criminal Defense

Unlike thousands of law firms across the state, Rosenberg Law Firm achieves proven results by using the ‘defense team’ model of advocacy. This is the reason the government wins a large number of their false prosecutions: they work as a team. This is also the reason OJ Simpson got an acquittal despite overwhelming evidence against him at trial: he had a legal team with diverse skills, working together from a common strategy.

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With the team approach, one attorney leads the case strategy, while each member of the defense team handles different aspects of the case litigation — from negotiations to motions to judicial conferences to final disposition. We firmly believe that handling a criminal case requires a diverse team with a clear, unifying goal. One solo lawyer, working hundreds of client cases alone, simply can not provide you the same level of representation when already burdened with hundreds of other clients.

Defending a federal case alone is like going into surgery without a medical team. There is no room for error in your case. Leaving the big decisions up to a solo practitioner, inexperienced counsel, or a big-name ego will not guarantee an effective defense.

Focused On Winning Cases Involving The Feds

An effective federal defense requires fearlessness, preparation, good faith and tenacity in the face of government’s considerable power. The government is a machinery of unrelenting force and does not back down based on emotional pleas for mercy. Therefore, a rigorous understanding of the machinery, the law, the facts, and the errors within the machinery is critical to disabling the robotic nature of federal bullying, whether in the courts or at the negotiation table.

We believe in holding the federal government to an American standard of excellence. The United States Constitution never promised a perfect union, but a “more perfect union.” We pursue perfection in our law practice while recognizing there may always be a better way forward.

Let Us Advise You On Your Federal Criminal Case

At Rosenberg Law Firm, we set ourselves apart from the competition because our clients receive the time, skills, and experience of a close-knit legal team of at least three attorneys, each of whom focuses on in-motion practice, judicial conferences and case litigation.

We are convinced that there is no room for error in criminal defense law. This is why we will pay attention to detail while ensuring that your defense is intricately crafted from the day of arrest to the day of disposition. Get the conversation started. Call the Rosenberg Law Firm at 718-962-0411 or send an email inquiry to schedule a consultation.