"To open blind eyes, to bring prisoners out of a dungeon, those who sit in darkness out of a prison."
- Isaiah 42

Finding Ways And Justification For Appeals After A Judgment Has Been Entered

Almost every criminal conviction can be appealed as long as the appeal involves some of the merits of a conviction or affects a defendant’s substantial right(s). Timing and analysis matter a great deal, as there are different rules and procedures for appealing from nonfinal and final judgments during a case.

Determining when and how to appeal from a nonfinal or final judgment in a criminal case can amount to a complex proposition. For this reason, at Rosenberg Law Firm, we recommend that defendants consult with experienced appellate lawyers from the time that a criminal appeal is under consideration.

Things To Keep In Mind About Post-Judgment Appeals

According to New York’s laws on appeals, a notice of appeal must be filed in the district court within 14 days of the entry of the judgment or the filing of the government’s notice of appeal, whichever is later.

An appeal from a final judgment may include a call to review any nonfinal judgment or order that affected the final one. However, once there is a final judgment in place, there is no further right to appeal from a nonfinal judgment. This apparent contradiction need not be an obstacle for a skilled appellate law attorney. Vigilance is obviously necessary at every point along the road to a conviction.

Our Brooklyn-based law practice focuses primarily on federal and state appeals. We pride ourselves on finding and exploiting every avenue of hope for our clients. To explore your right to an appeal or to any relief after a final judgment, consult with us at any point in your New York state criminal case.

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