"To open blind eyes, to bring prisoners out of a dungeon, those who sit in darkness out of a prison."
- Isaiah 42

Let Our New York Criminal Defense Lawyers Protect Your Freedom

No one, especially you, wants to face a criminal charge. No matter the severity of your charge, the consequences you can face if found guilty can change your life forever. Our attorneys at Rosenberg Law Firm still believe in due process and that you’re still innocent until proven guilty. We can serve as your tenacious legal advocates and do everything we can to protect your rights and defend your freedoms.

It doesn’t matter if you face state or federal criminal charges. We are here and ready to fight for you.

How We Can Protect Your Constitutional Rights

We thoroughly understand constitutional law and leverage that knowledge to protect your rights throughout every step of the criminal defense process. So, what exactly does it mean when we say we protect your constitutional rights? For us, it means:

  • Protecting you from self-incrimination: Since anything you say can or will be used against you in court, invoking your Fifth Amendment right to protect against self-incrimination is crucial. We can advise you when it’s appropriate to exercise that right throughout your case.
  • Discovering and calling out illegally obtained evidence: Just because police, federal agents or prosecutors have evidence doesn’t mean they lawfully got it. You have a Fourth Amendment right to protect against illegal searches and seizures. We can discover whether authorities legally obtained it, and, if they didn’t, we can ask the court to dismiss it.
  • Presenting your evidence: Under the Sixth Amendment, you can present evidence and call witnesses. We can thoroughly vet the witnesses you choose to determine if their statements will add value to your case.
  • Cross-examining the prosecutor’s witnesses: The Sixth Amendment also allows you to question those who make statements against you during your criminal case. We will thoroughly question the prosecutor’s witnesses and do everything we can to find flaws in their statements.
  • Appealing the verdict if you aren’t satisfied with the outcome: Your criminal case may not go how you want. When that happens, however, you have the right to appeal. We can help you prepare a compelling and convincing appeal to present in front of a state or federal court judge.

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