"To open blind eyes, to bring prisoners out of a dungeon, those who sit in darkness out of a prison."
- Isaiah 42

Federal Appellate Lawyers With A Winning Record

“When you’ve been victimized by an unjust judgment, verdict, or court order, you need a good lawyer and a great writer.”
— Jonathan Rosenberg, Managing Attorney

When a judge or jury hands down a conviction, it is not necessarily the last word. The appellate team at Rosenberg Law Firm gives you a fighting chance to correct a profound error or miscarriage of justice. We are known in New York City and nationwide for our effective representation in federal criminal appeals.

We have a proven record of creative and passionate advocacy before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. Good appellate writing is where these cases are won or lost, and we have a gifted team of lawyers who excel at crafting appellate briefs that convince. Jonathan Rosenberg and his associates have compiled an impressive string of victories that include dismissals, reversals, modifications and exonerations.

Jonathan Rosenberg and Staff

Exploring Your Potential Avenues Of Appeal

The defendant who has suffered an unjust conviction calls our office because something went wrong. They aren’t just looking to throw dice at the appellate courts; they know in their gut that the trial was unfair, that their plea was coerced, that their lawyer didn’t give a damn, or that the jury only heard a warped version of the truth. At Rosenberg Law Firm, we take human problems and turn them into exceptional legal arguments that achieve excellent outcomes.

Our lawyers review every detail of the trial record with a fine-tooth comb to identify errors that may justify an appeal. Federal appellate relief may take various forms at various stages, including:

  • Direct federal appeal – To be heard by the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals (or a panel thereof) after a conviction, defeated motion or other adverse decision in a federal district court trial
  • Writ of habeas corpus – Petition to address an unlawful detainment of the defendant and any “fruit of the poison tree” that followed from that wrong
  • Motion for permissive appeal – Seeking approval from the trial court to appeal after an earlier appeal was denied
  • Writ of certiorari – Petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court to take up a case because of conflicting decisions in the Circuit Courts or a legal issue of nationwide consequence
  • Other post-conviction relief – The most common being a 440 motion to vacate a conviction or sentence based on new evidence or evidence that could not have been heard at trial
Jonathan Rosenberg with staff in office

Successful Appeals Are About Skillful Storytelling

An appeal is not a cold recitation of the facts. Nor is it a laundry list of legal citations. A good appellate brief weaves those facts and legal arguments into a clear and convincing narrative. It lays out a compelling story for the justices, not by exaggerating the point but by zeroing in on the legal crux. Judges respect a clever summary but have no patience for dead ends and half-baked reasoning.

We approach post-judgment writing like a screenwriter approaches a factual story: the presentation must be human, relatable, and persuasive, while adhering closely to the rule of law. Writing for a judge, jury, or court is like writing for any audience; it requires structure, propulsion, simplicity, and a fidelity to human truths.

At Rosenberg Law Firm, We get results because we work as a team, attorneys and staff contributing to research, writing, revising and devil’s advocate review. What do the justices need to know? Which questions are they likely to ask in oral arguments? What are the weak links in our argument and will the judge or opposing counsel spot them?

While past results do not guarantee the future outcome, we post our recent successes for all to see. With an emphasis on speed, precision, and excellence, Rosenberg has built an exceptional record in federal appeals.

Jonathan Rosenberg and Howard Greenberg with Staff

Our Team-Driven Approach To Federal Appeals

The key to our success is our team approach because writing is editing, and editing involves extensive research, careful word choice and persuasive storytelling that is entertaining but grounded in the law. Jonathan Rosenberg leads a talented and fearless group of trial lawyers with 65 combined years of legal acumen and courtroom experience. On every case, it’s “all hands on deck” to produce the surest strategy and the most polished briefs and talking points.

In our federal appellate briefs, we aim to demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt the position of the defendant, who deserves a presumption of innocence. When a conviction will likely stand, we examine every justification for an appeal of a sentence as it was issued.

Jonathan Rosenberg with Staff

A Constitutional Law Practice

Federal cases often involve examinations of constitutional issues. Outcomes often affect proceedings in other federal courts nationwide. Jonathan Rosenberg and the rest of his team are not merely trial lawyers but scholars and ardent supporters of the U.S. Constitution. We are convinced that in our roles as legal advocates up against the federal government, it is our responsibility to uphold American values and those rights guaranteed to every citizen.

Jonathan Rosenberg

Let’s Examine Your Potential Federal Appeal Together

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