"To open blind eyes, to bring prisoners out of a dungeon, those who sit in darkness out of a prison."
- Isaiah 42

Does Your State Criminal Case Qualify For Appeal?

After being convicted in a criminal court at the state level in New York, you have the opportunity to file a notice of appeal with the clerk in the court where your case was tried. Your appellate attorney must follow all the rules for appeals, including meeting word limits and time deadlines. The appeal should include documentation justifying it. Even if your notice of appeal is accepted, this is not proof that the outcome will go your way. This is why it is important to select your appellate team carefully.

To increase your chances of a successful appeal through a New York state court, work with well-recognized New York City-based attorneys at Rosenberg Law Firm. With more than 65 combined years of experience, our lawyers have earned a reputation for effective appeals in both state and federal courts.

Grounds For Appeal In State Criminal Cases

Convictions and sentences in state criminal courts in New York may be eligible for appeal based on these or other valid criteria:

  • If the defendant allegedly had ineffective legal counsel
  • If evidence allowed or exposed during the trial was fundamentally problematic
  • If the trial court allegedly committed an error
  • If the constitutionality of a state law is being challenged
  • If a sentence was allegedly invalid according to state law or was excessive or harsh despite a plea agreement
  • If a motion to set aside or vacate a sentence was denied

Our law firm’s primary focus is on federal criminal appeals and we also handle state-level appeals. We are passionate about protecting the individual rights of our clients according to the U.S. Constitution. Our work ethic is evident in the well-documented appellate briefs that we produce and present to the appropriate appellate courts in New York on behalf of our clients.

Get Your State Appeal Process Underway On Time

Our appellate attorneys are sought after by clients who want strong legal representation through strong brief writing for criminal cases at the state and federal levels. The team’s effectiveness in post-conviction work is recognized nationwide. We receive many attorney referrals and also welcome inquiries from individuals looking for top-notch New York state criminal defense lawyers.

Discuss with one of our experienced appellate attorneys in Brooklyn the necessary steps for appealing your undesirable outcome in a state-level New York criminal case.  Call Rosenberg Law Firm at 718-962-0411 or send an inquiry online to schedule a consultation.