"To open blind eyes, to bring prisoners out of a dungeon, those who sit in darkness out of a prison."
- Isaiah 42

Our Brooklyn Lawyers File Prompt Federal Notices Of Appeal

If you and your defense attorney decide to pursue a direct appeal after a federal criminal conviction in New York or elsewhere, the first step will be to file a notice of appeal. This must happen within 10 days of the entry of your judgment by the court or the entry of an appeal. This notice of appeal does not include the actual appeal. Rather, it informs the court that you plan to appeal your conviction or sentence.

With Rosenberg Law Firm as your defense and/or appellate firm, you can rest assured that your notice to appeal will be filed accurately and on time. If another lawyer or firm started your defense, but you are considering turning to our firm for your federal appeal, please give us a chance to review your case at the earliest opportunity.

After The Filing Of The Notice Of Appeal

Once you file your notice of appeal with the court, it will then proceed to the U.S. Court of Appeals in the same district where your trial occurred. The appellate court will review that notice, as well as all facts on record forwarded by the trial court, the lower court’s reasons for your conviction and the legal argument in the form of a brief outlining reasons for the appeal.

The next step will be to wait for a response from a government attorney to the appellate brief. Your appellate lawyer will then respond to the government’s response. The appellate court may render its decision on the basis of all these submitted facts and the resulting briefs, or the court may ask for or allow oral arguments, as well.

Our Forte Is What You Need When Your Federal Conviction Is Ready For An Appeal

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