"To open blind eyes, to bring prisoners out of a dungeon, those who sit in darkness out of a prison."
- Isaiah 42

Howard Greenberg

Howard Greenberg

  • Senior Counsel


Howard Greenberg is a Brooklyn criminal defense lawyer committed to finding every hole in the case and maximizing the chances of winning on the odds. Having practiced before the state and federal courts for nearly 35 years, Greenberg is a prominent defense lawyer, mentor to Rosenberg, and proprietor of his own, separate practice at the same office location. 

Howard handles unique trial litigation matters of counsel to the firm, and offers a unique brand of wisdom, toughness, and legal craft in his advocacy. Howard's office consults with Rosenberg’s office on about five to ten percent of criminal and post-judgment cases. 

Learn more about Howard on the BBC’s "Last Chance Lawyer NYC" - a docuseries now available on Amazon.com — you can also watch the Vice documentary, "The Real Better Call Saul?".

“I just focus on the advocacy.” — Howard Greenberg

As one of New York’s most successful defense lawyers, Howard Greenberg has represented around 4,000 defendants in a career spanning nearly 30 years.

“One respected female judge once told me: ‘If you don’t stop talking, Mr Greenberg I’ll have the court officer put you in handcuffs.’ To which I replied: ‘How do you know I won’t like it?’” — Howard Greenberg

In a documentary about Greenberg, Vice Media termed him “The Real Call Saul” — a comparison Greenberg shrugs off, saying: “I disavow that comparison, because Saul routnely cheats. I only cheat sometimes.” (The Sun).

“Which other lawyer has received a standing ovation from the jury at the end of the trial?” — The Daily Mirror

“At first blush, I might rub people the wrong way... But my results speak volumes. There’s no higher calling, by the way, than what I do.” — The New Yorker

Practice Areas

  • Criminal Defense